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Read about Florence Auma’s recent trip from Kenya to Singapore to spread the recycling love ❤️ In Asia.  Florence is one of our top and longest standing artist #girlpower at Ocean Sole Africa.  She loved her trip to Singapore, but is happy to be home back in Kenya!

My name is Florence Auma,  I have been working for Ocean Sole Africa for 7 years 4 of which I have been a carver. As well as being one of the pioneer female artists at the company, I happen to be a proud mother of 3 kids and a grandmother to one lovely granddaughter.

I got the opportunity to travel to Singapore in April 2019. Although I have travelled to many countries as a traditional dancer in my previous career, what I found amazing this trip were the generosity of the Singaporean people.  They were very warm and welcoming. They made me feel at ease from day one.

We were staying in a town called Little India. I loved the spicy food it is like home in Kenya, except I would wake up in the middle of the night hungry all the time. It was so good I kept eating the whole time. No wonder I have now gained so much weight!!

Singapore has an amazing transport system.  The whole country is interlinked with a marvellous train system. Unlike in Kenya we have no public transportation, train systems and usually have to walk or ride piki piki (motorcycles) to get around.  You almost do not need a car to live here. But, I found out later that it is very costly to own a car—like Kenya because of the import tax.

As I mentioned earlier,  I am a dancer.  During the Ocean Sole demonstrations, I had a chance to dance with all the kids that were attending the event. This was so lovely and fun it reminded me of my old dancing days, when the days went by so fast!

I love chewing gum. This was the one thing that was not sold in Singaporean stores. I had to learn how to live without it and it was not easy at all. I came to realize later on that they banned it in order to keep their streets clean.  Good idea for them not for me.  We banned plastic bags in Kenya to keep our streets clean so it does work.

I loved the Singapore trip. I am so lucky my company let’s us take turns leaving the country to represent Ocean Sole.  It is fun to go and show people our magic.  I am proud of my work and the entire Ocean Sole team and welcome any other opportunity to represent Ocean Sole Africa again abroad.

Please, maybe I can come to your town or country to carve and dance??? 😀 ❤️ 🙏

Ocean Sole Africa was invited to take the long journey to Singapore from 15 March to 24 March 2019 in order to showcase our flip floppin art! Our unique flip-flop pollution art sculptures are a representation of the commitment and advocacy for marine conservation and creating employment opportunities in underdeveloped communities. Whilst we were in Singapore, our mission was to educate over 600 children on marine conservation, up-cycling, recycling, and show everyone how we make our art, all whilst explaining who Ocean Sole Africa is and what we stand for.

Florence and Joe (or sales dude) spent the 2 weeks carving, making art, teaching classes, dancing and helping both little kids and big kids make new flip flop sculptures.  Everyone had fun indeed.

Union Square Mall displayed our works of art throughout the time we were there. The clients loved our new XXL wall art in particular! We couldn’t keep them in stock and happy clients were saying how they ‘were so pleased to see wall art that represented both ocean trash up-cycled and statements pieces of some of the most endangered species — like the Rhino.”  

Through the event, hundreds of children took a hands-on Flip-Flop Art Workshop to customise their own masterpieces with discarded flip-flops or flip-flops beads at the Flip-Flop Art Workshop.  Each child was able to create their own art piece or flip-flops beaded bracelets all under Florence’s and Joe’s personal guidance.

For the designer buffs, they participated in the Most Creative Flip-Flop Design over the weekend and stood a chance to win amazing prizes! Some contestants’ worked on the mural wall—which set a record for the most flip flop mural in Singapore!

With contests, live demos, goodie bags, workshops and activities galore, the trip was a huge success and we can’t wait to continue travelling the world telling our story and spreading positivity and education through, the most important way – FUN!

We would be happy to come to you and share our joy!!!

Contact us if you would like us to come and visit your country!