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What a year we had at Ocean Sole Africa!!! Watch our Onwards & Upwards Onwards & Upwards – Ocean Sole Recap 2018 YouTube video. You’ll see some of the highlights we achieved with the help of you, our ever supporting Sole Mates! ?????

On top of what is seen in our video, we managed to do all of the below:

Products made:

  • Over 65,000 products made in 2018 which have been sold around the globe –from America to Australia
  • 5 new CUSTOM made 130cm tall bee sculptures to Netherland and Dubai.
  • 1 custom made 2000cm tall bee sculpture to Dubai.
  • 2 custom made 200cm dolphins to Hong Kong and the UK.
  • 1 life size GREEN SIMBA for the Irish Embassy in Kenya.
  • 1 custom made GOAT to the Netherlands.
  • 2 custom made huge cool 200cm Octopus.
  • 2 custom made life-size CAMELS.
  • 1 cruising HIPPO on a ship in the West Indies.

Our Impact:

  • Over 750,000 flip-flops recycled
  • Over 1,200 Kenyans supported through employment by Ocean Sole and our eco-system.
  • 25% increase in employees from the year 2017
  • Over 25 schools participated in our education program at our Ocean Sole HQ in Nairobi
  • More than 22,000 hot meals served
  • Conducted monthly beach cleanups across Kenya
  • 14 sets of curtains made from the women of Kiwayu, an island off Lamu. This one order is 2 peoples income on the island over a WHOLE year.
  • Matched 100% of what our employees save to our welfare program which allows our employees to meet school fees needs.
  • Started our new Foundation in the UK
  • Over 15% of our profits given to coastal community programmes for impact

Events and press:

  • 3 viral videos – 120 million 60 sec doc, Yahoo 3.3M views million views, business insider1.3 million views
  • Over 50 Press interviews, media articles and content features
  • Attended the  Canadian National Exhibition in Canada, with two Ocean Sole Artist and Joe from sales.
  • Attended Drap Art in Spain, with live demonstrations from Jonathan, one of our head artists and Joe – our Ocean Sole representative
  • Attended Blue Economy conference in Nairobi

Other fun stuff:

  • 30 music therapy sessions with all employees
  • 30 + dog bed and cat beds donated to KSPCA
  • Creation of our Ocean Sole power boards –anything made in wood can be done in our recycled boards.
  • Launched our Ocean Sole Africa Football team which includes football played every lunch with 22 employees and matches on the weekend!
  • Collaborated with well known Kenyan designer Jimil Waljil on “Blue Fashion” event at the  Blue Economy Conference.
  • Successful partnership with SeaStar beachwear – 167 pairs of shoes donated – 50kg of trash collected in one morning. Sea Star will launch the Ocean Sole inspired shoe this summer – watch this space!

What are we going to do in 2019?

• Open two charity entities for tax benefits in the UK and USA.
• We are going to America to sell directly to our customers and overcome our shipping hurdles!
• Open up a new FACTORY in Guatemala!
• Launch our merchandise – Ocean Sole cool vibe designed clothing, hats, etc.
• Conduct charity events to raise money for some of our impact programmes and machinery we need.
•Start an art studio in Kilifi, in Kenya to work with coastal artists.

But most of all have MORE fun and provide more employment!!!

Thank you for your continuous support & we cannot wait for another year of working together!