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Ocean Sole was proud to be a part of the joint community effort for the clean up of Bofa beach on International beach clean up day. Bofa beach runs along the Kenyan coast in the small seaside town of Kilifi and has a plain view across the Indian Ocean towards some of the world’s biggest sea polluters; India and China. As a result, tons of litter washes up all along the Eastern Coast of Africa. These beaches are vital as they are the breeding grounds of six species of turtles, and the litter that washes up on our shores suffocates the routes for the hatchlings to get to the ocean. Making them easy pickings for the predators who try to stop them.

So, when the wonderful Lillian, who was the chief organizer and mastermind of this grand scheme first invited to take part in her small yet still monumental effort we were more than happy to throw our hat in the ring.

Arriving at 10 am in the morning (low tide) at the prearranged gathering spot, it was a delight to see hundreds of people already flowing around, rubbish collectors in hand, waiting for the proverbial starting horn. Lillian, in her element, had organized the masses into well oiled units to go out and tackle the trash. Everyone from the passionate NGO’s, school children, the local fishermen and concerned members of the community were packed off to their spot and the chase was on. Top prize for most collected within each group was an Ocean Sole reef fish, so, no need to say, the stakes were high.

Ocean Sole spearheaded a unit of fastidious and hardy fisherman and schoolchildren and rode out to take on the Northernmost point of Bofa. Our focus was flip flops so bags had been arranged to separate the soles from the rest. Joined by some of our mascots, which pleased the children to no end (and some of the adults too) we went to work.

6 hours the team spent on the sand getting chased by the rising tide until the day was done and Lillian had us back to HQ. The University President had jumped into the game gifting certificates to everyone involved. These along with our prizes were ceremoniously handed out to those who had managed to collect the most rubbish and, no surprises here either, the youths had been the keenest of us all. There is still hope in this world, so long as nobody stops trying.